Rie2 Stardust angel・宮城りえ


Full HD [REBD-796] Rie2 Stardust angel・宮城りえ

Release Date: 2023/11/16
Length: 70 min(s)
Cast: Rie Miyagi
Director: あおのゆうこ
Series: Rie (Rie Miyagi)
Studio / Producer: REbecca
Label: REbecca
Categories: Porn Actress Big Tits Tall Featured Actress Sexy Video Sample Video
Model No.: h_346rebd796
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The star of this work is Rie Miyagi aka Riecchi! - She is an unfussy beautiful girl who heals people with a gentle and gentle smile, and has a beautiful heart and appearance! - She has been very popular since the first year of the industry due to her good personality, and she has become a little more mature since the last time, and she has already appeared in the REbecca work for the second time! If you take care of yourself, you will get meat, so he is a hard worker who goes to two gyms, one for personal and one for training, in order to squeeze his body. Rie-chan says that it was the first time she wore a naked apron and it was memorable, and in a slightly naughty interview, she also explains each costume. He seems to feel that he is getting closer to his ideal self with each image shooting, and that he is now able to take satisfactory images. The smile of a kind-hearted angel sparkles like stars shining in the night sky!