Restraint School Rule Maiden Hinako Seto


Full HD [700VOTAN-066] Restraint School Rule Maiden Hinako Seto

Cast: Hinako Seto
Studio / Producer: BOTAN
Length: 86min
品番: 700VOTAN-066
Delivery start date: 11/17/2023
Series: Binding school rules
Label: 牡丹
Genre: Full HD (FHD) Streaming Only Single Work Female Teacher Restraint Nymphomaniac Creampie


Have you ever heard of a dream demon? It can be rephrased as a nymphomaniac. Or a woman's delusion. In the case of this work, it is a nasty delusion of a beautiful female teacher. In the case of Hinako Seto, the nasty delusion is "intense and endless sexual intercourse while being restrained". - Even at the end, I can't be forgiven, I'm rolling, I'm continuing to live, and it's endless restraint SEX. That is her dream demon as a female teacher. It is also called KOSOKU-MEIDEN. MEIDEN is a maiden. Or, a virgin. The reason why he was detained was because he violated school rules. "Binding School Rules". In other words, the teacher will do something that is contrary to the school rules. Hinako is therefore punished, with the punishment of restraint. However, Hinako Seto's wish is to be raped while being restrained. - She was in class and craved it every day, so it was also the realization of a demon for her. The restraint play of pleasure is the key to this work. It seems likely, but it is a work that has never been done before. The female teacher is played by Hinako Seto. Many of you may have heard of it. At H-NEXT, his debut work suddenly rose to the top, and he is also a rare newcomer. And to the bound school law maiden. Hinako was stabbed in a restrained state and unable to move, continued to be stabbed violently, and finally vaginal shot _. However, it still does not end, and it is inserted again with the overflowing "holy liquid" dripping... Hinako Seto is a masterpiece. A must-see!!