Amesque Heroine Erotic Pinch Stallion


[SPSB-15] Amesque Heroine Erotic Pinch Stallion

Release Date: 2023/11/10
Length: 100 min(s)
Cast: Arikari no Ka Mizutani Riasuka
Director: Una Tsuki,
Studio / Producer: GIGA
Label: GIGA
Genre: Hentai Heroine Action Sample Video
Model No.: h_173spsb15
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Musou Onimura, a researcher who tries to take over the world by using a drug that turns humans into biological weapons. In order to thwart his ambitions, Shirasagi Kimberly and Eiko, who once worked with Onimura and is now a teacher, developed a stallion suit that enhances human abilities, appointed a girl with a strong sense of justice, Seika Shido, as the wearer, and decided to fight together. However, in order to transform into a stallion, the voice recognition code must be pronounced correctly in English. Will Hoshikake be able to safely transform into a stallion and fight evil? [BAD END]