Full HD [SPSB-12] Falchion

Release Date: 2023/11/10
Length: 125 min(s)
Cast: Ena Koume Harunagi Seika
Director: Una Tsuki,
Studio / Producer: GIGA
Label: GIGA
Genres: Hentai Heroine Special Effects Sample Video
Model No.: h_173spsb12
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A genius schoolgirl scientist, Kaoru Axida, is attacked by Dr. Halberd, who has intense jealousy and resentment against her. CA Tsurugi Shion, who happens to be present at the scene, awakens to her hidden power at the moment when she strongly wants to save Kagi, transforms into the psychic warrior Falchion, and successfully repels Dr. Halberd. However, Dr. Halberd, who does not give up and persistently attacks Falchion, finally obtains Falchion's body hair. By culturing it, we will develop an extract "Hyper Liquid 2" that obtains the same power as Falchion. At the same time, Blade, an alien Messer who plans to take over the entire universe, hears rumors of Hyper Liquid 2 and offers Dr. Halberd a united front. What will be the fate of Falchion? [BAD END]