Innocent Chronicle / Azusa Tamaki


Full HD [MMRAA-283] Innocent Chronicle / Azusa Tamaki

Release Date: 2023/05/31
Length: 135 min(s)
Cast: Azusa Tamaki
Series: Innocent Chronicle
Studio / Producer: Spice Visual
Label: Spice Visual
Genres: Featured Actress, Idol & Celebrity, Image Video, Sample Video
Model No.: n_709mmraa283
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The long-awaited second work of "Azusa Tamaki", who made a sparkling debut while plumping up the super natural [G cup beauty big breasts] in various ways! - With a mash (increase) of [shaking], [rubbing], and [hami-out] that exceeds the previous work, the ultra-thin tank top that comes out of the G cup is also a flickering special rampage! - After washing my body in the bath and getting embarrassed by a mischievous mischief attack, my face turned bright red and I was given a generous and careful [G cup rubbing massage]! - Please feel the naughty curiosity hidden by a busty natural beautiful girl with a soft and gentle smile and the excitement of her breasts () full of shame!
★ Special Feature: Special Feature on Gravure Manufacturers