New CyberAgent Rain Leila Fujii


Full HD [SPSB-22] New CyberAgent Rain Leila Fujii

Release Date: 2023/11/24
Length: 85 min(s)
Cast: Leila Fujii
Director: Singularity
Studio / Producer: GIGA
Label: GIGA
Genres: Female Detective Featured Actress Sample Video
Model No.: h_173spsb22
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Investigator Rain rushes into the hideout of a subordinate organization connected to the evil giant organization Eterno with his partner Sunny. Rain is calm and composed, and Sunny is reckless and outrageous. The two support each other, destroy the subordinate organization, and arrest it. However, at the headquarters, his boss is notified to withdraw from the Eterno case. Rain, who has a strong sense of justice, is not convinced and plans to destroy Eterno in an irregular way. Borrowing the CyberAgent Suit, the latest wearable weapon developed by the Agency, Rain participates in a battle festival hosted by Eterno. The fate that awaits her is... [BAD END]