Sleep sales training (4) ~ 4 female employees of the sales department, coma 〇 vaginal shot rape record ~


Full HD [STSK-104] Sleep sales training (4) ~ 4 female employees of the sales department, coma 〇 vaginal shot rape record ~

Release Date: 2023/12/07
Length: 234 min(s)
Series: Sleep sales training
Studio / Producer: Amateur 39
Label: 素人39
Genres: Beautiful Tits Devil OL Slender Voyeur Creampie Sample Video
Model No.: h_1605stsk104
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I put my newly hired subordinate to sleep during sales. I drank something that had a strong effect while I was going around unfamiliarly. The first sleep salesperson / A former gymnastics club graduate from a physical education university who looks good with short hair. I visited a business partner in Nerima Ward, had a light lunch, and went to a coma. The tight body and dignified nipples are impressive. When I thrust the vibrator into the crack of thin pubic hair, I enjoyed the overflowing man juice and the bare penis. The second person / A subordinate who is highly ambitious for the work of a MARCH university graduate. After visiting the customer, we prescribe something that has a strong effect on the family restaurant. In the building, I devoured the body with fleshy and beautiful skin and went to the hotel. - When you thrust a meat stick into your beautiful lips, tears are spilling out unconsciously. I threw it into a beautiful that squeezes well. - seeding twice. The third person / a serious personality who graduated from a national university. Greeting customers in the area in charge. In a business car. I made him suck it in the underground parking lot. A large amount of ejaculation in the mouth of a cute sleeping face. Since I was planning to go straight home, I spat out my sexual desire at the hotel as it was. Good sensitivity that convulses when you play with the nipples and clitoris. When you insert your penis, it trembles like a small deer and strangles you. I soiled it with tokuno sperm. Fourth person / A newcomer who is highly rated by the HR department. The responsiveness at the time of sales is also excellent. I received it immediately on my first outing. - When you take away her beautiful lips, stick your tongue in, and strip off her shirt, you have a beautiful and plump chest. - Crazy devouring, insert the erect penis into the moist vagina. It was a company warehouse, but I was crazy about it and poked it with a gun.