【VR】 【8K VR】Sperm Bank Medical Center Ayaka Tomoda


Full HD [URVRSP-316] 【VR】 【8K VR】Sperm Bank Medical Center Ayaka Tomoda

Delivery start date: 2024/02/24
Product Days: 2024/02/24
Length: 85 min(s)
Cast: Ayaka Tomoda
Director: Yazawa Receive
Series: unfinished VR
メーカー: unfinished
レーベル: Marrion Group VR
Content Type: 3D
Genres: High Quality VR Nurse Hospital / Clinic Uniform Masks 8KVR Exclusive Distribution VR Exclusive Single Work Creampie
品番: urvrsp00316
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Censored VR

In the year 202X, the Earth was enveloped in an unknown virus. 98% of men die in desolate land, and sperm that leaves offspring is expensive. Women seek rare sperm for survival. At a sperm bank medical center, a man is squeezed out of sperm. And I'm in a strong quarantine to prevent infection, and I can't go out again?