[Distribution Limited] Lover's Gacha Episode.3


Full HD [MFO-071] [Distribution Limited] Lover's Gacha Episode.3

Delivery start date: 2024/06/07 10:00~
Product release date: 2024/06/07
Length: 131 min(s)
Series: Lover Gacha
メーカー: . WorKs/FALENO TUBE
レーベル: . WorKs/FALENO TUBE
Genres: High-Definition Variety, Creampie, Deep Throat Couple, Shaved Pussy
品番: 1mfo00071


I'm a person who makes a living by working part-time in the dark. - Suddenly I was pushed back to a mysterious room! There is one gacha in the room. It is said that if you spin the gacha, you will have a lover who likes the man who turned it. There's no way there's such a good story! I'm suspicious, so I'll just do it once for the time being! When I turned it, it was immediately rare! "I'll come to you by 24 o'clock on the day" "Oh, it's true! If you cheat, you won't be able to do it for free!" And waiting at home ...? Exclusive Episode.3