Me Aya Fujii have just too much like me


[ABP-475] Me Aya Fujii have just too much like me

Type: DVD
Release date: 2016 / 05 / 10
Length: 215 min
Performers: with Sakura Sakurada
Director: masalpanther
Series: I love only me too 00
Manufacturer: prestige
Genre: love big breasts unit works toy paizuri subjective sample videos
Item number: 118abp475
Average rating: see review

Censored Chinese Subtitles

The prestige exclusive actress "with Aya Fujii' for me. She just me! She is a little prickly, but come graces through eyebrows. Big, soft and getting breasts massaged and showed up dripping wet and stagger the pants on the expression alone and if the female reproductive system. I thank you happy mouth, insert Cowgirl and he violently shook her hips. She always loved me and wrapped them with big breasts and dense were too busy flirting scene packed with 215 minutes. two loving of life bring you the perfect lover subjective!